Today the rain strikes strong on the glasses of my window. The perfect day to start telling you about my latest great adventure: Oman ( in October).

A land, not so far away, but really little far away from our dimension. So many taboos and a just few ideas on what to expect really.

More than so many other destinations have had an incredible interest on my social, I received beautiful messages during the trip.

My stories are always emotional before being  informative. It’s my point of view, my personal diary.

In this first episode I bring you among the pink dunes of the Wahiba Sand Desert, in oasis of incredible colors and in an atmosphere of the Thousand and One Nights.

My journey starts from Milan, from here you have direct flights of about 7 hours thanks to the flagship company Oman Air.

I meet here the rest of the group, we will be divided into two teams: Oman Chic and Oman Sporty, headed directly by the Tourism Authority of Oman that I really thank for this incredible opportunity. Guess what was my team?

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