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An amazing camera for the new LG G6, I bring you with me to discover it.

Maybe you will not believe what I’m about to tell you, but it’s the pure truth: these photos were all taken with a mobile phone.

Specifically this is the new LG G6, recently launched on the market and already rewarded by readers.

I’ve been able to test it in the last few days and take it to the wonders of my hometown and the enchanted forest in Flanders, where I was last week and I will talk about it very soon.

But now I tell you a bit better about this phone, the winner of the title of the best smartphone at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona.

Its great strength is certainly the camera:

– Wide-angle camera:

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The Treasury of Petra and the lowest place on Earth. Jordan, second chapter.

And here it is, as I promised, my post devoted to one of the 7 wonders of the modern world: Petra. First chapter HERE.

I had dreamed it, wanted it  I was and I’m completely fascinated.

The entrance to the city excavated in stone costs about 50 dinars, more or less 65 euros. A high expense, however, is definitely worth it.

If you choose to travel with the Mistral Tour Operator (Quality Group), the ticket will be included in the travel package.

Petra is an archaeological site that extends for km and km. Personally, I have traveled 15 and in every small step I have been accompanied by the feeling of wonder and amazement.The site hosting over 800 monuments.

There are so many places to stop … but let’s start from the Siq, a gorge that reaches at the narrowest point two meters. Natural conformation made with  the most beautiful shades of red earth.

The Treasury of Petra

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Jordan, my travel diary. First chapter.

The beginning of 2017 has given me one of the greatest gift: a travel experience at the end of February in a land that I dreamed for a long time: Jordan. Admiring one of the seven wonders of the modern world with my own eyes was one of the greatest feelings ever.

What to do before leaving:

A place far just 3 hour of flight from Italy  but apparently difficult in some aspects. I will not conceal that friends and relatives were not excited about my departure. In reality, I never felt  in danger or in trouble, NEVER EVER. Of course it is always good to take out travel insurance just in case. When it comes to a country outside Europe it is right and necessary practice. In this case it was already provided in the package offered by the tour operator . But usually when it is not included, I entrust myself to Allianz Global Assistance, a small expense that can makes the

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Ireland on the road: where to go, what to eat and where to stay in Dublin.


Welcome to my on the road in Ireland.

I start to tell you about this trip as a goal that my boyfriend and I dreaming from a long time. Then on a cold February morning, when the gray sky was full of melancholy, we decided to book and go without not so much planned.

With only flight tickets in hand , the first hotel to stay and a route I formulated we embarked on a cold night.

To expect us, at Dublin airport, our rented car on Liligo, that was our real home, and salvation in the days of tours.

During the month of February temperatures in Ireland are rigid, so to have a car in which heat up during visits at points of interest actually makes a difference.

We opted for automatic car (about 60 euro for 7 days) and I must say that apart from the first impact, driving on the left was not a problem at all for my him. The trick is never to lose focus and do not act instinctively.

Dublin – the best places to visit with a walking route

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Beauty Collaborations

My Cosmoprof experience with Estrosa.


There is once  in a year, a magical beauty world where all the innovations become reality: the Cosmoprof.

By now usual appointment for me, I bring you to discover all the latest releases on the subject nails.

Like last year, I have been in the company of Estrosa, made in Italy brand of nail products and gel semi permanent leader.

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